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“Morning Star”: A dedication to mothers


  Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity for me to share one my favorite songs of all time! This is a Nat King Cole classic scene from the movie St. Louis Blues (1958) in his portrayal of the composer WC Handy.  Yes, my OOOOLD soul is on full blast right now! But you cannot […]

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3 Tate Ladies Video

An Original Video:  3 Tate Ladies accompanying “These Kids Are Getting On My Nerves”

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“These kids are getting on my nerves!”

Parenting is a catch 22.  It’s very cool to see a clone of your childhood-self take on the world.  It allows you to reminisce about your childhood, compare their baby pictures to yours, and, regretfully, say all of the things your parents used to say to you. I caught myself the other day saying, “If […]

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My first post :)

This has been a long project in the making! I am happy to share all the fruits of my labor with you.  This is an evolving work in progress…so stay tuned Minglers Minglers:  thats you

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