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BLIND PASSENGER and BLESSED PASSENGER are both available on Amazon

We’ve all been there. EVERYONE knows someone who has had their share of binge drinking, mood swings, or addiction that has stretched a relationship to its limits. Dr. Melissa Tate is a popular psychology consultant and licensed professional counselor who takes you on a personal journey of self-disclosure and transparency. Often described as an easy going, juggling-it-all, classy and professional single mom, you would be remiss to assume she has always had it all. Vicariously stuck on the emotional roller coaster of her loved ones’ mental instability and self-medicating, addictive behaviors, she has had to literally and figuratively pick herself up from some raw and shocking situations. Through two failed marriages and a shattered sibling bond, she gives you a front row seat to her internal struggle as a blind passenger. A memoir-esque snapshot of these three relationships is used as a platform for broader, often under-discussed, therapeutic conversations about domestic violence and addiction in the family system. And she gets it. She knows how you feel and where you’ve been-not merely because she has read about it or counseled people through it-because she has lived it. In being transparent about her intimate experiences with broken relationships, Dr. Tate is able to provide a personal and professional insight for regaining your peace of mind amidst a wild ride.

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There is a rollercoaster of emotions amid life’s most difficult circumstances.  Through enduring seasons of discontent—separation, divorce, relocation, death of a loved one—the toll of grief and loss is overwhelming, putting both your sense of security and personal identity in jeopardy.  But when something rises in your spirit to draw you toward a greater idea of life purpose and satisfaction, you cannot ignore it.  This is a testimony of increasing faith and spiritual transformation despite the aftershock of sorrow and anguish through life’s most complicated ups and downs.  In this follow up memoir-esque account, Dr. Tate-Scruse takes you on a personal journey from Blind toxic relationships to Blessed intimate encounters with God.







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