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Resolution To Reality

Resolution To RealityResolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something.  Synonymous with other words like intention, commitment, plan, and promise, there is a marked emphasis on action.  As the year has turned, the age old discussion of New Year’s Resolutions is standard.  The winter holiday season has come to a close and people generally talk the “new year, new attitude” mantra.  But let’s be honest, we are creatures of habit–everyday habits, work habits, relationship habits, and life threatening habits.  Whether its smoking, overeating, lack of exercise, poor communication, drinking coffee, or texting while driving, we tend to program ourselves into a rut and get comfortable.  Are you programmed into a rut, or is it time for a real resolution…A FIRM DECISION, A COMMITMENT, A PLAN to do something or not to do something?  As of yesterday, you had 365 opportunities to make it happen, and with each passing day you’re still holding on to your same habits.

Here’s my year of 2015 tips for bringing your Resolution To Reality:

  • BE DECIDED:  Decide what you are going to change.  Pick one thing that you could be doing differently, that you openly know is keeping you stuck in a rut.
  • BE DETERMINED:  Set your mind to it.  Smokers are determined to have a cigarette at all cost– regardless of the expense, the weather, or the time it takes.  Be just as determined about your goal—put an investment of money toward it, do not let the weather deter you, and schedule the time to make it happen.
  • BE DEDICATED:  Put it in writing and schedule it into your week. Put it on your calendar just like a doctor’s appointment or a job interview.  You can set an alarm on your smartphone or tablet to be dedicated toward your goal.  For example, I may set my alarm on my electronic calendar to remind me to make an important phone call, take my medication, or for a daily meditation break.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: If you’re serious about making a change, you will tell a loved one or friend who will support you in your plan.  Don’t get annoyed when they ask you how many cigarettes you’ve had, or what you’ve had for lunch.  They are merely trying to support YOUR resolution.
  • BE REALISTIC: No one has ever conquered a mountain in one step.  Establish small achievable goals that will get you to the long term goal.  A marathon is made up of several miles, which is made up of several kilometers, which is made up of several meters.  You may need to start with a brisk 15 minute walk a few days a week in order to work your way up to a brisk 5 minute run…and then a 1 mile run…and so on and so on.

Closing Thought:  There is always something comfortable about the uncomfortable things and situations we allow ourselves to stay do or not do.  But comfortable doesn’t always get you to a goal.  As of today, you have 364 opportunities to make it happen….GO!

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