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My Love Affair With Netflix


wpid-breaking-bad-940.jpgConfession: I watched all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad in approximately 8 days.  I know, I know. Don’t judge me.

I’ve been told on occasion over the years that I would like the show and have been encouraged to watch it, but I never took the time to do so. With the lull in my summertime work schedule and the kids on vacation with family, I spent an insane amount of downtime with my boyfriend, Netflix — he’s faithful, consistent, full of entertainment,  accommodates all my moods at any hour of the day, and he takes my mind off of work.

My boyfriend is awesome. He challenges me to think and better myself. Last Summer, when he introduced me to Meredith and Yang, I considered whether I missed my calling of being a surgeon. Yes, that was a fleeting thought; but I was ever excited to be all caught up on 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in order to have a full Shonda Rhimes experience on Thursday evenings! Again, don’t judge me.

Now, my boyfriend has me up on all the latest social, legal, and political issues. Last week’s Crystal Meth cooking marathon is replaced by this week’s women’s issues in the correctional system…also known as Orange Is The New Black. Heisenburg, Pinkman, Piper, Tastyee, Sloan-Grey, McSteamy. Wow! My boyfriend surely knows how to make me laugh, cry, think, smile, relax, and daydream. I’m so entertained :)


Closing Thought: If only I could get him to cook.  wpid-orange-is-the-new-black-cast.jpg


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