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“…time stood still”

wpid-img00941-20110603-1804-1.jpgIt’s official…I miss the beach.  It’s one thing to feel like you need a little break, but today my client reminded me why I need to schedule a beach getaway.  I encouraged her to take time for herself and revisit the things that may bring her joy and she has been following my suggestions.  Her trip to the beach was described as if “time stood still” and I was instantly reminded of my last couple beach vacations.

When I’m standing on the shore listening to and watching the waves, nothing else really matters.  As the wind is blowing through my hair and the sand water is squishing between my toes, I am able to be up close and personal with the land and sea. I am immediately in awe of the massive beauty of the water and the wild life away from the suburban/urban markets I see on the daily.  I am away from the deadlines, the bills, the  stresses of how my child got on my nerves earlier that morning, the meetings, and anyone else’s problems.  I am honestly and sincerely content and stress free in that space and time.  And somehow I think with all of that natural beauty and open air around me, as well as the fluid positive energy running through me, that perhaps my conversations with God are received more clearly…perhaps.

NC Shore

NC Shore

So, its official.  I’m looking at my schedule today and planning a little trip, even if only for a day and even if I’m by myself. God and the sand crabs will keep me company ;)

Closing Thought:  Sometimes the helpers can learn from those they are helping.

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  1. darlene says:

    I say that all the time; sometimes we can learn from those whom we are assisting.

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