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Back To School!

Exhausted Mom CartoonHello Minglers :)  My summer romance with Netflix has come to a screeching halt!  I have been in FULL WORKING SINGLE MOTHER MODE since my kids’ return from summer vacation with their grandparents!  I’ve been putting in extra long hours to get the new office up and running, and it makes for some pretty busy days.  I’m excited about the growing business venture and opening my own private practice, but I have to say I am equally excited for my children to return to school in (let the countdown begin) 10 DAYS!!

Back To School Season is among us!  That means backpacks, supplies, new clothes, new shoes, new piercings for the teen, and new hairdos for my girly girls so they can go back to school refreshed, prepared, and kinda cute –  if I must say so myself.  Between the two girls, we are signed up for After School Enrichment, pre-season Track workouts, 2 Hip-Hop dance classes, 1 Tap/Jazz class, and Driver’s Education (Jesus take the wheel…literally and figuratively).  And although it puts me back into what I call my “Mommy Hustle” of alarm clocks, drop offs, pickups, homework help, registration fees, monthly dues, and daily scheduling; I love that my girls will have the structure and regimentation to keep them busy, well rounded, and focused.  This ultimately allows them daily opportunities to learn responsibility, time management, and budgeting.  It’s fun-loving and fun-learning at the same time.

And on Thursday nights, I close my bedroom door and escape to Shonda-Land!  Thank you!

Closing Thought:  Hopefully my boyfriend, Netflix, will understand…its not him, its me ;)



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