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SelfieSnapshotChallengeLast month I initiated a challenge to my social media friends and family in accordance with my focus for the month of November –the practice of gratitude.  All the guests on the radio show in November were chosen because they have faced some degree of adversity in their lives, but were able to turn their lemons into lemonade and exude a sense of appreciation and sincerity in their interactions with others.  The #SelfieSnapshotChallenge is my initiative to get others to have a similar sense of reflection about their sense of character and personal direction, as opposed to getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily stressors, responsibilities, and the external self image we tend to focus upon.

The rules of the challenge are simple:  If you spend at least 5 minutes in your day trying to take the perfect “selfie” (external); I encourage you to spend at least an equal amount of time taking a snapshot of your internal self or witnessing/participating a sense of goodness in others.  My story was posted in mid-November as follows:

  • 5 minutes: Yesterday I was snapping selfies of my new fun hairdo! (External)
  • 45 minutes: After a long day, my teenage daughter and I went to Chik-fila for the ridiculously delicious chicken sandwich, sweet tea, and lemonade. I was tired after walking the streets of Uptown Charlotte for a good bit of the day.  Once the sun went down, it was getting a little chilly outside.  I really just wanted to sit down, eat, enjoy the deliciousness, and turn in to the warmth and comfort of my home.  I contemplated going through the drive-thru, but decided to dine-in since I was so hungry.  After getting our food, we sat next to a very sweet 89 yr old man who had just lost his wife of 65 years. He struck up a conversation with us after seeing us say grace together before commencing to eat.  He said he was happy to see us in prayer.  He proceeded to share some of his life stories with us.  He spends a lot of time alone in the house he shared with his wife and finds himself in tears at all the memories of her.  He was tearful in thanking us for taking the time to listen.  We chatted throughout our meal, and well beyond, as he showed us pictures of his wife, her grave site, and his family.  He shared some of his wisdom, and we exchanged business cards.
  • Snapshot:  As much as I was ready to go home when I initially got to Chik-fila, I somehow decided to head inside versus going through the drive-thru.  I would have missed out on the opportunity for his company, conversation, and wisdom.  My daughter was present to witness and be apart of the pleasant exchange.  And my new 89 year old friend wouldn’t have had the chance to share his feelings and gratitude.  I believe it was time well spent for all 3 of us.  (Internal)

Now I challenge you!! Take some time to be more mindful in your interactions with others or reflect upon a situation that brings you a sense of perspective.  Post your story with the #SelfieSnapshotChallenge and challenge 3 others.  I will discuss the stories received on my radio show SUNDAYS AT NOON.  Thanks!

Please email me at MeditateAndMingle. WGIV@gmail.com

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