Thony 2.0 Coming Soon!

The anticipated short film sequel, Thony 2: Thony's Eyes will continue the #NecessaryConversations.

THONY 2.0 is set to release in 2021! Donations are still being accepted in support of continuing the conversation of how to recover from violent interactions, both as the victim and perpetrator. Healing and recovery are pivotal on both sides of the matter. This year’s fundraising efforts allowed us to donate proceeds toward two local non-profit organizations: Destiny Reached Through Empowerment and IMPACT Family Violence LLC. Both organizations work with populations effected by domestic violence.

Dr. Tate-Scruse’ mental health practice Cohesive Counseling Associates PLLC (CCA) is proud to partner with Destiny Reached Through Empowerment (DRTE), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is thriving to educate, equip, and empower women in a safe haven to make positive life changes.

The short film

that started it all.

  • The Blind Passenger – Domestic Violence Awareness Collaborative is a creative initiative designed to bring awareness to domestic violence and disenfranchised family systems that have been affected by intimate partner violence.  It is based on the self-help memoir Blind Passenger, written and published by Dr. Melissa Tate-Scruse.

  • As a licensed professional counselor for nearly 15 years, Dr. Tate-Scruse was able to marry her personal testimony of failed marriage and her professional knowledge of toxic relationships to create a poignant self-help memoir of unhealthy relationship dynamics that affected her family.

  • Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, THONY has served as the backdrop for #NecessaryConversations – offering guided mental health discussions, providing resources, and informing the community of programs that support men, women, and children who have been affected by intimate partner violence.


Media Appearances

icuTalks, a mental health ministry at Mosaic Hope Church in Charlotte, NC, allowed Dr. Tate-Scruse to share her personal testimony of grief in the aftermath of losing her father. 

Additional Videos from Melissa


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