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Media from Dr. Melissa


Better interpersonal boundaries? Healthier relationships? – all of which lead to feeling better from the inside-out. Consider this your invitation to better self-care!


a testimony of increasing faith and spiritual transformation despite the aftershock of sorrow and anguish through life’s most complicated ups and downs. In this follow up memoir-esque account, Dr. Tate-Scruse takes you on a personal journey from Blind toxic relationships to Blessed intimate encounters with God.


In being transparent about her intimate experiences with broken relationships, Dr. Tate is able to provide a personal and professional insight for regaining your peace of mind amidst a wild ride.



Thony - Phthonus: The Personification of Envy & Jealousy 

Thony (pronounced Tony), follows the ups and downs of a new marriage between Thony and Melissa that has soured so quickly due to his issues of abandonment and jealousy. When the romance turns to violence, Melissa has to find a way out.


Thony's Eyes:
The Sequel

What is it like to see the perspective of the abuser? Could it be that their actions are just a generational reoccurence? Spawning from the original film, Thony, Thony's Eyes highlights the mental and emotional challenges of the abuser. 

Thony's Eyes
Coming Soon
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