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Dr. Melissa Tate-Scruse TEDx

Helping organizations navigate through the necessary conversations of emotional intelligence.


Offended For Life?

Consider a "Distant" Path to Forgiveness

Could you forgive and forget the offense of 100 broken promises? Could you forgive and forget if a spouse cheated on you repeatedly? Could you forgive and forget if a loved one lied to you repeatedly or stole from you repeatedly? How do you forgive something you'll NEVER forget? Does this mean you will feel offended for the rest of your life?


Get the answer to all these questions and more in Dr. Melissa's newest publication.  



Dr. Melissa Tate-Scruse

Dr. Melissa Tate-Scruse is the author of multiple successful titles including 'Blessed Passenger', and advises organizations on how to increase emotional wellness and enhance interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

"Whether it is for personal change or professional growth, mental and emotional wellness is vital. I pride myself on helping organizations cultivate interpersonal working relationships with employees that fuel goal attainment and career satisfaction." - Dr. Melissa

A Distant Path to Forgiveness

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Dr. Melissa Tate-Scruse
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Sometimes the key to unlocking emotional wellness is simply a guide on where to start. Check out the latest titles from Dr. Melissa. 

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